Update for Books Online with functioning index (2016)

Good news, everybody! Microsoft recently released an update for the local Books Online, with a functioning index for the relational engine.

Earlier versions were missing those index bits, but not for everyone (a theory is that it depends on what server you hit when you downloaded the BOL bits). Basic steps to get them (see my earlier blog, linked to at the end of this, for details):

  • SSMS 2016
  • Help
  • Add and Remove Help Content. This opens Help Viewer 2.2 (HW).
  • If you have the old BOL bits, you should see that there is an update:
    • Remove them
    • Update
    • HW might hang at the end, force-finish it.
  • Add the relevant BOL bits (under Recommended Documentation), the ones under “SQL Server” is for 2012.
  • Update
  • HW might hang at the end, force-finish it.

There are other issues with BOL to hopefully be addressed. See my earlier blog post for details.

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