Spooky: What do you connect to?

I only recently discovered that SSMS will connect to different things. For instance, press the “New query” button. What were you connected to? The answer is the same server as your “current” server. But what is the current server? It is the server where you happened to have focus when the pressed the “New query” button. So, can you say whether you had focus in a query window, Object Exporer or Registered Servers?

This also applies to when you double-click a .sql file. And it doesn’t stop there.¬†Open the “Registered Servers” window. Now, click on a server group. Go to explorer and double-click a .sql file. What were you connected to? Yes, all the servers in that group. Now, don’t get me wrong here; the ability to open the same query window against several servers can be a very useful thing. What I had no idea until just about now is how easily thsi can happen by mistake. Just by cklicking the New Query window, or even double-clicking an .sql file. So – be aware…

(FYI: SSMS 2005 doesn’t seem to do this for clicking a file in explorer, and the functionality to have a query window against several server didn’t exist in SSMS 2005…)

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